Tight Lines!


“One badass day on the river with the Savage Gear Larvae 55! Great lure that brought some action for our Irish consultant Wojtek Stypuła!

After trying some smaller lures Wojtek reached for the Larvae and that was a good shot! Great realistic and erratic action made the fat brownies eat! Fast twitching with short stops was the most successful technique and produced big time! Every spot he was fishing was throwing out some nice fat trout.

Every day is different! The fish are smart. Type of lure and action depends from the day. One day steady retrieve is enough but next day can be completely different. You need to adapt. Be flexible. Think outside the box. Dont try to catch fish on something that doesn’t work. Change lures every 5-10 casts if you see follows but no hits. It could be the colour, lure action or even shape. They are active but need a stronger impulse to hit the lure. If you think that some lures wont work at all, try them first! Rules are rules but it’s the fish who verifies them!”

Tight Lines!
– Radek Staszkow