There’s nothing like it !


Awesome day for our man Wojtek Stypuła! A truly tropical weather didn’t make fishing easy but knowing that the pike are in shallows it was just a question of finding what they want to eat. Snack list wasnt long but the 3D Rad was on the very top!

“Short cast beside the reeds, 2 maybe 3 handle turns and I see a big white open mouth going for the 3D Rad with full speed! Great take was fallowed by a long run. Power of that fish was just crazy! They have recovered after spawning and getting back in shape. Just look at the belly on her! Stuffed with roach!”

Sounds amazing! We hope all of You soon will experience the same emotions but make sure You have a 3D Rad in the box!

Gear used:
Rod: Savage Gear Custom Predator Trigger up to 240g
Reel: Okuma Komodo 463LX 
Line: Savage Gear Silencer braid