• Stainless steel main gears, pinion gears and shafts
• Single-speed, High-speed and Two-speed models
• Durable corrosion resistant frame and sideplates
• Stainless steel reinforcing sideplate rings
• Forged aluminum, gold anodized spool
• Carbonite drag system with Cal’s universal drag grease
• 5BB stainless steel shielded ball bearings, 20-50W models
• 4BB+1RB stainless steel shielded bearings, 10/15 models
• 2 pcs thrust bearings to support the ball bearings on 2 main shaft ends
• Double-dog, proprietary silent anti-reverse
• Dual anti-reverse system on all 10/15 sizes
• Ratcheting drag lever for precise drag setting
• Stainless steel Body Armor reduces frame flex, 20-50W models
• Patented T-Bar handle with Easy Roll graphite insert to 50 models
• Lighter handle retrieval force
• Ergo grip comfort handle on all 10/15/20/30 models
• Low profile On/Off clicker with stainless steel wishbone
• Wide Mouth Levelwind: Stainless steel with Ti coating, “L” models
• Left handed models available : SLX-10LX
• High Speed 6.2:1 gear ratio on SLX-10CS and SLX-15CS
• Open top frame design on SLX-10CS and SLX-15CS

High speed open top frame reels
49668SLX-10CS10.0kg6.0:1380 0.40mm660g
49669SLX-15CS10.0kg6.0:1420 0.45mm4697g
Standard Single speed Lever Drags (Closed frame with top cross bar and harness lugs)
49670SLX-2015.0kg3.5:1330 0.50mm3984g
49671SLX-3015.0kg3.5:1700 0.50mm1017g
49672SLX-50W18.1kg3.1:1640 0.70mm1487g
Two-Speed Lever Drags (Features closed frame with top cross bar and harness lugs)
49673SLX-20II15.0kg3.8:1 / 1.7:1530 0.50mm991g
49674SLX-30II15.0kg3.8:1 / 1.7:1700 0.50mm1017g
49675SLX-50WII18.1kg3.1:1 / 1.3:1640 0.70mm1510g
Levelwind reels
49676SLX-10L10.0kg4.2:1380 0.40mm596g
49677SLX-15L20.0kg4.2:1420 0.45mm644g
49678SLX-20L15.0kg3.5:1330 0.50mm1034g