Carbonite Slim Match

Comprehensive range of two section HM Carbon rods featuring ultra slim and lightweight blanks. Perfect choice for all anglers who love to fish small waters or any day ticket lake.
Superb parabolic action that allows the angler to use thinner lines and help to fight large fish at short distance. The Feeder version is supplied with two spare tips while the quiver version
has a match tip plus a feeder tip.

• 20 TON HM Carbon blank
• Parabolic action
• Ultra lightweight
• SIC Guides

49723Carbonite Slim Match8’ 240cm2-8lbs 2Oz2sec147g122cm
49724Carbonite Slim Match9’ 270cm2-8lbs 2Oz2sec156g142cm
49725Carbonite Slim Match10’ 300cm2-10lbs 2.5Oz2sec168g154cm
49726Carbonite Slim Match9’ 270cm4-10lbs 3Oz2sec165g142cm
49727Carbonite Slim Match10’ 300cm4-10lbs 3Oz2sec168g154cm
49728Carbonite Slim Match9’ 270cm2-10lbs 2.5Oz2sec155g142cm