RTX Spin

The RTX rod range is made to be the perfect match with the RTX reels. Putting lightweight components together with a slim and strong blank construction. Build on a combined 30 and 36T carbon blank.

• Slim and light 30 and 36T carbon blank
• Japanese split handle style
• Extremely durable Hard Japanese EVA handle
• Reel seat and handle inserts in C40X carbon material
• Long casting SIC anti tangle Guide set up.
• Medium fast actions
• Luxury velvet rod bag

49355RTX Spin6’20-7g107g94cm
49356RTX Spin6’6’’22-12g113g125cm
49357RTX Spin7’22-12g124g111cm
49358RTX Spin7’6’’24-14g130g117cm
48236RTX Spin7’27-22g127gr125cm
49359RTX Spin8’24-14g134g128cm
48237RTX Spin8’210-30g142gr130cm
48238RTX Spin8’220-60g162gr130cm
48239RTX Spin9’27-28g156gr145cm
48240RTX Spin9’215-45g182gr145cm
48241RTX Spin9’6’’22-12g156gr155cm
48242RTX Spin9’6’’29-35g169gr155cm