Cal’s Oil and Grease Kit

Cal’s Grease is the result of decades of hands-on fishing and the result of the very latest Ultra Modern Lubrication Technology and the careful blending of various Polymers and Teflon.Incredible Saltwater Corrosion Protection on all metals, including Aluminum, Steel and Brass. Safe to use on anodized and plated surfaces, all common plastics, drag materials, seals and “O” rings used in fishing reels. Superior resistance to heat and breakdown in drags and reels (Dropping point is > 500 degrees F.)

• The perfect kit for reel maintenance and lubrication
• Corrosion HD Oil for proper Cleaning and Protection of all bearings & the correct oil to re-lubricate for maximum casting distance on baitcasters. The properly cleaned and dried bearing only requires 2-3 drops for best results.
• Manufactured from straight chain carbon molecules with at least 6 carbon atoms being used as boundary layer lubricant.
• The Grease provides superior resistance to heat and breakdown in drags and reels (Dropping point is > 500 degrees F.)