Okuma Team Champions of Croatian Bass league



Okuma team champions of Croatian Bass league for the second consecutive year

My partner Mazda and I have done it again.
We won the Croatian bass fishing championship comprised of 6 rounds with 11 teams participating.
We used all Okuma reels and Okuma /SG rods for our most reliable three techniques.

Punching 3/4 oz heavy weights rigged with straight shank hook and Armor tube in the nastiest cover with Butch lite 65 gr rod and Okuma Komodo reel was the first one.
Then skipping a frog deep in the cover with SG Salt 60 gr vertical rod and Trio spinning reel with 40lb main / 65 LB leader braid was the second. And on the other side of spectrum finesse dropshoting with 0-5 gr Parabelum and size 30 HS reel got us fish on days when just getting a keeper fish was important.



Though Im aware the bass market is not that big in Croatia, Im so passionate about this little green fish so winning this means a lot personally. I guess it also gives some sort of credibility and extra exposure because other guys that compete are more or less the best all around lure anglers in Croatia that won a lot of different tournaments and are known in this area.
This win also qualifies me for national bass team, but after placing 4th in WBBC on lake Bolsena last year, this year we will not make it to Portugal due to financial reason. Next year the WBBC is in South Africa, which I also doubt will be possible to carry on financially….the good news is I will hunt for pike and zander instead ! 🙂


Best Dalien!