There’s nothing like it !

  Awesome day for our man Wojtek Stypuła! A truly tropical weather didn’t make fishing easy but knowing that the pike are in shallows it was just a question of finding what they want to eat. Snack list wasnt long but the 3D Rad was on the very top! “Short cast beside the reeds, 2 […]

The ONE and only !

  We call these beauties the *One* Rods. We can obviously count – These bad boys are now available at your local tackle shops. We take quality over quantity any time, but it seems we have both today !  

“Super” Zander

  When Chris decides to go fishing, you know it’s going to be spectacular. ” It is a beautiful and sunny Sunday, and I had already planned going fishing for a couple of days now. I got my gear and my trusty Helios SX reel and went for it. It was my 3rd cast when […]

ALC Review – by Richard Holgate

  Today was the day that I got to try the long awaited OKUMA Mag multiplier reel , I was joined at the shop in Walton on Naze by Richard Johnson of Svendsen Sports who presented the reel on the counter for me to have a play with. First impressions were that this was a […]

Fast Luck!

Our boys are trying hard to hammer some nice fish and so far every trip was producing something sexy. This time our man Radek got lucky after just one hour on the water. Frosty morning was an effect of a major temp drop and to be honest we knew that it might be a day […]

Tackle Live Test

Okuma ALC MAG – Live Test – Sea Angler – Click Here to view the Live Test !

Big Zander jumps out of the water!

Now that’s a fine fish !

Christophe Depouille is having a blast these days ! Seems like everything is working out for me ! Of course it is – Okuma and Savage Gear! A lethal combination for the fish, great fun for the fisherman !

Fishing in kindergarten

  I had a blast the other day introducing lure sport fishing concept to 5yrs old in my daugthers kindergarten group. I started with asking them different questions regarding fishing in general, tackle, predator fish and they all raised hands and participated with funny answers like “my uncle once caught a blue fish” or we […]

Monster Pike on the 3D Roach

The massive fish was caught by Michael Hinaus, on a guided trip with Fred Kotowski!! The massive fish measured 133cm pulling the scale way above 20kg!! Incredible fish! Fred is one of our most dedicated anglers, he knows every spot and every fish. There’s nothing he can’t help you catch ! This monster only shows […]

Monster Black Carp

After 3 years spent collecting information and looking for this elusive fish I finally managed to get access to a very unique place where I was told some monster black carp was swimming in. Unfortunately those where the only information I managed to have as nobody here have ever fished for them, trying to select […]

Amberjacking !

Savaş Dursun caught this stunning amberjack while trolling a small bonito behind his boat. The gear used was an Okuma Azores 65 reel and a Savage Gear MPP 274cm / 120 g rod.

The 3D Soft Roach

  Hello everyone, My first fish on the 25 cm 3D Soft Roach was hooked firmly on the bottom jaw,  for perfect hookup ratio. I love the natural action of this lure and the deep bodied silhouette will draw extra attention for sure. It is great for both casting and trolling with the perfect balance […]

Okuma Team Champions of Croatian Bass league

  Okuma team champions of Croatian Bass league for the second consecutive year My partner Mazda and I have done it again. We won the Croatian bass fishing championship comprised of 6 rounds with 11 teams participating. We used all Okuma reels and Okuma /SG rods for our most reliable three techniques. Punching 3/4 oz […]

Good Pike Season start with the Jerksters

  I had a really nice trip the other day fishing 14,5 cm Jerksters. They produced jerkbait magic even in high skies and hot late summer weather. The key were the pauses and this is something Jerksters do really well. They have awesome hang in the water! My perfect Jerkster set up is 60 gr […]

Early bird gets the worm?

      Early bird gets the worm? We think that a patient bird will get the worm. Our morning started slow and with a light rain. Few small jacks hooked and one better fish fallow wasn’t to promising but we knew that they are there! After losing and just seeing few good fish week […]

Hot summer fishing

Hot summer bass caught deep inside shade of overhanging tree by our croatian staff Dalien…. Make sure to check out this amazing video of our friend Simon Turcotte.  

Sea bass in the Adriatic Sea

This is a wonderful specimen caught by our Okuma and Savage Gear friend , Dalien. The Okuma Trio reel, with its fast gear ratio, can land you one of these beauties when burning baits across the surface. Enthusiasm and skill, timing and gear – Okuma provides the latter ! A great variety of saltwater reels […]

Up the river !

River barbel on 4,6 Crucian Crank Shallow It`s the minnow spawn of year and this means river barbel turn into ferocious predators on my home Sava river. You look for spots with strong current breaks and try to present your bait in the flush. Your bait has to have a great wobble and “hold” current […]

Sea fishing for Tuna

  Savaş Dursun is no stranger to the fishing community. This beauty right here was caught recently on a fishing trip on the Mediterranean Sea. There is a first for everything ! “My first long fin tuna ever caught by trolling 9 miles away from the shore on Okuma Cedros Surf 318 cm, Okuma Azores […]

Summer Pike

Super Summer Pike for Dalien ! “I just love fishing for Pike in the summer time ! It’s nothing short of amazing, you’re still hung up on those cool spring days where you’re at the top of your game, then you realize the great form continues on through-out the summer. Get out there guys! Just […]

Predator Ace

Spanish predator ace, Otto NeSa has been fishing with the new Savage Gear Black Savage 10-30g rod and our Okuma Inspira 30 reel for the past period. Last weekend he went to fish in a local lake looking for bass with the Savage Gear 3D Crayfish. What he got, however, was a bit of a […]

The Point Of Connection

The average person might stumble upon a remote beach and find inspiration in the texture of the sand, curl of the waves and the salty spice of the air. For the community of anglers, however, playing witness to nature is far less satisfying than direct participation. As we approach every piece of water, our attention […]

Hanging out with the Zed !

“Left my house this morning armed with nothing more than a selection of Da Bushes and a few P-spinners. The target for species being Zander after yesterday’s failed attempt. I worked my arse off yesterday and to be honest almost gave in today just before this Zed played the game”. -Chris Lowe

Norwegian trout – what a beauty !!!

This superb looking brown trout was caught by Norwegian angler, Sten Fjeldstad on a Savage Gear TPE Mayfly, a Parabellum rod, and an Okuma Ceymar C-10 reel. The fish measured 57cm and weighed 2,5 kilos.

Cannibal and Herring shads for pike fishing

One of the most effective ways to catch a pike on smaller venues is to fish a shad rigged on a light jig head. Savage Gear offers some superb swimming shads in terms of ever popular Cannibal Shad 12,5cm and Herring shad 16 or 19cm. Usually ligther jig heads in 5-10 grams range work best. […]

Da Bush Pike for Dalien!

  “The water on my recent pike trip was quite stained and deep, so I needed that large Da Bush silhouette combined with flash and vibration of blades. First nice fish I got took Da Bush right in front of my feet. Though I did not see this fish, I`m quite sure it followed the […]

Tight Lines!

“One badass day on the river with the Savage Gear Larvae 55! Great lure that brought some action for our Irish consultant Wojtek Stypuła! After trying some smaller lures Wojtek reached for the Larvae and that was a good shot! Great realistic and erratic action made the fat brownies eat! Fast twitching with short stops […]

How it’s made! Okuma Makaira style

  In this behind-the-scenes film by Discovery Channel you’re invited into Okuma’s production units to see how the incredible Okuma Makaira Big Game reels are manufactured.  

Too wet for work, wet enough to fish !

Rained off from work this morning ! Too wet for work, wet enough to fish… Not a bad day considering this driving rain and gale force winds. Even better to but out with my life long friend, as it’s been a while since we last had a chance to fish together due to work and […]

Night fishing for sea bass

Yesterday night was like an LRF seabass party for our Turkish consultant, Savas Dursun. He tried the Savage Gear Mini Sandeels and got some beautiful and hard fighting fish. “The Savage Gear LRF rod is the best among the ones that I’ve used so far”, says Savas. “And the Okuma Inspira reel does an impeccable […]

Float Tube fishing for Zander

Here’s a quick report from our Spanish predator ace, Ot Nebot Santos. “Last Saturday morning I went for a float tube fishing session on a local lake looking for zanders, and I got a beautiful one – not too big, but it was my first time using the Savage Gear Soft Vibes lure! In the […]

A beautiful rainbow

The Savage Gear Micro Ragworm kit is just what you need to get going with the ultra light fishing. What I particularly like about it is the durability. You can catch several fish on one bait which is not the case with most similar baits on the market.Also the balance and scent is great, they […]

Cold water bass

  Cold water bass fishing means lipless cranks and suspending jerkbaits. Savage Gear offers great options for both of these lure types. Fat Vibes is extremely effective cold water bait great for covering water especially in grass lakes. Making contacts with grass will trigger those reaction strikes. Shiver on the fall is amazing with this […]

Big Zander Techniques

  The season is right for big zander, and on my first vertical trip Monster Slug delivered again. Upstream slow presentation with trolling motor really close to bottom got another massive strike and another beauty went in front of camera before getting back to the green depths of river Sava. I used the Savage Gear […]

Zander Fishing

The zander season is now over in Croatia, but it isn’t in the rest of Europe – it is only just beginning. Our consultant Dalien Vignjevic, who is one of Croatia’s most experienced predator fishermen, has found out that zanders can readily be caught on a series of untraditional lures – such as Line-Thru Trout […]