Fishing in kindergarten



I had a blast the other day introducing lure sport fishing concept to 5yrs old in my daugthers kindergarten group.
I started with asking them different questions regarding fishing in general, tackle, predator fish and they all raised hands and participated with funny answers like “my uncle once caught a blue fish” or we tie a net to the end of line.
Then I showed them different lures and SG are pretty thankful being craws, rats, ducks, eels etc…
Then I showed them magazines with my articles and explained what I do and how I don`t catch fish to eat, but to show others how to catch them. Also if we eat all fish we catch, there wouldnt be any fish left to fish for. etc…
After that I showed Water Wolf footage of big fish strikes and this was very interesting for them, becuse they could see first hand what happens when a fish strikes and why is this exciting.
After that we went to the yard and I showed them basics of casting, and each had three attempts for the logest cast. The winner got the lure, all of them got candies.
This was such a succes, becuse I guess I did a great job at keeping their attention and scheduled 30 minutes demonstration stretched to more than 90 minutes.
One of the kids said afterwards: “I want my dad to enroll me into this sport”, and the kindergartner nanny said ” My husband goes fishing now and then, but I never knew it was so interesting and all the things that go with it…(she couldnt believe water wolf footage btw..)
All in all, just wanted to share this great experience with you as I see this report on my FB is having a huge feedback. Something like this might be worth of considering doing in organized way to attract young kids into fishing and also good PR…

Have a nice weekend!