Fast Luck!

Our boys are trying hard to hammer some nice fish and so far every trip was producing something sexy.

This time our man Radek got lucky after just one hour on the water. Frosty morning was an effect of a major temp drop and to be honest we knew that it might be a day of one maybe two takes.

We went out to check what is going on in the water first. After few minutes we found a promising spot packed with baitfish escorted by some nice pike. Few drifts and casting big rubbers didn’t bring us any action so we decided to try trolling. It’s not our favourite way to fish but it has to be done sometimes.

“I always start and finish my trip with the 27.5cm Rattle Shad. It caught so many big fish for me in the past that my choice couldn’t be different” we were told by Radek.

After several minutes of trolling Radek’s rod started to bend. First seconds were very peaceful but only when the fish broke the water real fight started. It’s winter and it’s cold but the fish was giving a great fight. Few short but powerful runs later a fat winter pike was resting in the net.

And again the big 3D Rattle Shad Trout produced a smashing fish! No matter if it’s winter, spring or summer. The 3D Rattle Shad is a fantastic lure which will always produce.

Gear used:

Rod: SG Custom Predator up to 240g
Reel: Okuma Komodo 364LX
Line: SG Finezze 0.35mm