Early bird gets the worm?





Early bird gets the worm? We think that a patient bird will get the worm.

Our morning started slow and with a light rain. Few small jacks hooked and one better fish fallow wasn’t to promising but we knew that they are there! After losing and just seeing few good fish week before we knew that it is a good spot and it is a question of time before they will take off.

Going through our boxes brought us to a simple conclusion. Natural colours and shapes were very welcome that day. All catched fish went for natural colours so there was no point to fight with the facts.

Our man Radek Staszkow reloaded his blaster with some 3D Roach ammo. Half way through the drift… a light knock and… nothing… Light resistance so a small fish on the end of the line. Right… about 3m form the boat a massive head broke the water and the party started! Only then the fish realised what is going on and she wasn’t happy. Long run followed by another one… and another one was putting a big smile on Radek’s face! But the fish wasn’t done! Tired with running it was time for jumps 😉 No matter how many You saw it’s always same spectacular to watch a flying biggie! After a high jump beside the boat she was ready to be scooped.

“Yup! That was the best fight this year alright!” That tell everything im sure 😉

The 25cm 3D Line Thru Roach did a great job! Line Thru system kept the lure away form fish head so she couldn’t use the lure weight to shake the hook out. We heard some opinions that one hook is not enough but so far we were catching small and big fish without any problems. Less hooks more bites! And when they want to eat it they will 😉

Gear used:
Rod: Savage Gear Custom Predator 240g cw
Reel: Okuma Komodo 364LX
Line: SG HD4 60lbs
Lure: 25cm 3D Line Thru Roach