Cannibal and Herring shads for pike fishing

cannibal _pike_dalien

One of the most effective ways to catch a pike on smaller venues is to fish a shad rigged on a light jig head. Savage Gear offers some superb swimming shads in terms of ever popular Cannibal Shad 12,5cm and Herring shad 16 or 19cm. Usually ligther jig heads in 5-10 grams range work best.

There are two ways of presenting these baits. The basic is to let it fall to bottom and then steady retrieve it all the way to bank! The awesome swimming action and the speed will trigger fish into biting, quite often near the bank after following for some time. Also with these smaller baits hook up percentage is really good.
Steady retrieve will usually work best, but you can also let the bait pause on the bottom when fish are not in the mood or you fish a specific spot.
Here are two nice fish, one of them caught on 12,5 cm Cannibal, the other Herring shad 16 cm. Both of them by using steady retrieve and with a help of spinning tackle….

herring shad_pike