A beautiful rainbow


The Savage Gear Micro Ragworm kit is just what you need to get going with the ultra light fishing.

What I particularly like about it is the durability. You can catch several fish on one bait which is not the case with most similar baits on the market.Also the balance and scent is great, they will not let go half-hearted after the strike.

I fished our rainbow canal in which you want super fine presentation above the bottom, with the bait hoovering naturally over the bottom as if being carried by the current.

To achieve this I used a split shot rig and used a white Ragworm which I could follow and then detect strikes the with my eyes.
Another super bait from Savage Gear!

I used the super fast Okuma Trio HS size 30 reel to not loose much time on the reeling in during many repetitive casts, and also another superb SG product – the Floating Finesse landing net which serves as a sort of Trout sack to keep them safe when getting ready to take pictures…